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Holy Sponge Ritual Moon Kit

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A gentle, nurturing, and intuitive alternative to disposable menstrual wares. Free from toxic chemicals and manmade textiles, this kits offers a healthy and convenient substitute. Each sponge can last for 12 months and is hand harvested by a female diver off the Florida coast.

The kit come in two sizes, contains 2 sponges, some tea tree oil for cleaning, a cotton bag for storage and some white sage or palo santo for smudging. They are biodegradable, good for your purse, and no more landfill or money wasted on disposables.

Regular – average absorbency- holding fluids for a few hours at a time. This is the option that works for 90% of bods. A medium to large is good for heavy-moderate days and a small size is good for the lighter days.

High Density – holds a lot of fluid. These can be a bit coarse but work well for folks with very heavy bleeding.