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Small Spells Tarot Deck

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We have the Small Spells Tarot Deck!

Designed, drawn and written by Rachel Howe this deck is a culmination of the healing and artistic work Rachel has done for herself, and spread to her community in New York for the past five years. The card drawings and the writings in her book are filtered through her characteristic visual and written languages – a voice that combines relatable honesty, humor and real talk with high vibrational energy and loving care. Her illustrations embrace mysticism while staying firmly rooted in the culture of modern design – drawing on the imagery of cartoons, tattoos, handmade illustrations and low-fi graphic design.

The deck includes all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. The accompanying book contains reproductions of the drawings, with writing about the corresponding meanings from Rachel’s perspective, which pulls from tradition as well as her own investigations and intuitions.