Fat and the Moon ~ Beam Illuminator

In the spirit of aligning with that place in all of us that wants to shine, Fat and the Moon presents ‘Beam’, taking the notion of ‘highlighter’ literally and figuratively.

The light and silky mineral-based glimmer can be applied any place you want to glow. The shimmer of Beam is magnified with the addition of Madrone spirit medicine, a tree native to the Pacific Northwest that helps us stay connected to ourselves despite whatever influential winds might be blowing.

Fat & the Moom cosmetics aim to adorn, rather than cover, the unique arrangement of each personal galaxy.

Cosmic Self Care for us all!

Ingredients:sunflower oil, beeswax, mic, arrowroot, starch, titanium dioxide, Spirit Medicine of Madrone
1/4 oz tin

All Fat & the Moon products are made in small batches and are completely natural, organic and vegan.

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