TAL ~ Altar Mats

Tessa Layzelle makes modern quilts. Made in small collections, these quilts are hand quilted in York using linens and cottons then finished with bamboo. These heirlooms are artworks in themselves, made to last a lifetime.

These quilts were made as part of the Witches in Painting series that Tessa made for Dohm Shop. Each mat takes an element from one of the paintings and translates it into fabric. Place these on your altar, windowsill, table, anywhere.

The choices appear as follows

Witch in Her Circle (Red Circle) 75x13cm
Morgan Le Fey I (Yellow/Blue on White) 38x14cm
Morgan Le Fey II (Green on White) 38x14cm
The Witches Flight I (Red on White) 38x14cm SOLD
The Witches Flight II (White on Blue) 29x23cn

£25 each